About Us

Classic Property Management, Inc. is a HANDS ON management company, that services HOAs and Rental Properties in Southern California.

We are members of CAI (Community Association Institute). At Classic we believe in an on-going education of all employees through continuing education classes and professional seminars. Our staff is well educated, holding degrees from USC, UCLA, CSULB, and Antioch University. Classic Property Management, Inc. carries Liability Insurance, Workers’ Compensation and a Commercial Crime Policy (dishonesty bond). Copies of our insurance certificates are available upon request.


Classic brings "Team Management" to your Association. First, your Association will be accurately defined by a PROPERTY PROFILE. The profile describes all the agreed upon procedures along with the day to day polices and the Emergency protocol. Also, listed are the Homeowners names and numbers. The profile is distributed throughout our office, in our main directory as well as in an emergency response packet.

This approach lets all of Classic’s personnel receive and dispatch the day to day maintenance problems and service requests. It isn’t necessary for either the Homeowners or Board Members to wait and only talk with the Primary Manager. We have found this approach has been most welcomed by associations who were once managed by other property management companies. One call results in an action. It won’t take dozens of calls from owners to get maintenance problem taken care of.

Currently all properties are "Team Managed" by primary, and secondary managers, along with support staff members at Classic. We have time trained managers, an excellent office staff, along with top notch support personnel to manage various Associations.


At Classic we provide 24 hour emergency service coordination. After hours Emergency calls are received through our main phone number. Once the emergency message is left on the Pacific Bell Voice Message center, an automatic page is sent to the on-call manager. This reliable paging system is 'hard wired' into our phone system and has yet to fail. The on-call manager will contact the caller within 25 minutes to verify the emergency. Then, the appropriate action is taken.


Classic has working relationships with many professionals. We work closely with all the top CPAs in the area. These CPAs are available to our clients for consultation at no charge to the association. They all submit proposals for conducting the year end reviews/audits and tax returns. Classic will assist whichever CPA firm is chosen by the Association, not only at tax time, but throughout the year.

We also have a close working relationship with several legal firms. We use the Law Offices of Wolf, Rifken and Shapiro for general counsel to the associations for Condominium Law. We also have two other attorneys that deal exclusively with collection of delinquent assessments. Both firms provide the placement of liens and foreclosures at no charge to the Association.

We enjoy a close working relationship with several well respected licensed engineers. This relationship has served many of our Associations well when they undertake major renovations. The Association always benefits when an independent engineer oversees major contracts.

Classic Property Management, Inc. has an excellent reputation for the timely and accurate payment of vendors. We take this part of our contract very seriously. In return, the Associations receive reliable service as well as fast maintenance responses from the vendors


Classic uses a fully networked, double entry, full general ledger accounting program. The program provides a rigorous audit trail, but still allows the maximum flexibility in customizing reports. Data is easily exported to either Microsoft Word or Excel. Coupled with our accounting program is a relational data base tying together owners, vendors, payment histories and all the general information which requires quick access.

Accounts receivables (payments of assessment fees) are all processed in our office. The payments are stamped with the date received and posted daily.

Classic will review the collection policy of Your Homeowner Association with our collection attorney to be sure of compliance with the governing documents and relevant laws. The delinquent accounts will be processed according to your collection policy automatically to insure a maximum collection of debts.

The financial reports are produced on the first day of the month, for the prior month end. These reports are delivered to the Board of directors one week prior to the monthly Board meeting for their review. On a monthly basis, we monitor and code all expenses to G/L Codes that match your budget. We provide a Budget Comparison Report monthly in order to track your spending.

Classic managers manage by objectives. This places a premium on preparing and implementing a budget. We will schedule a budget meeting to help the Board determine the best budgeting for the upcoming year.

By carefully tracking expenses and correctly projecting income, the resources will always be available to maintain the buildings and common area without unanticipated increases.

We GUARANTEE that you will be satisfied with our service and commitment.